Our Team

Beyond building great tech, we are building a great team. Meet the groundbreaking bunch that is delivering for our clients.

  • Adam Kornafeld

    Adam Kornafeld

    Senior Engineer

    Adam is an ndvr Senior Engineer. Born in Hungary, Adam graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics before venturing into the United States to help bootstrap a mobile solution for smart address books, where he contributed to key software patents. Following this startup, he worked as a software architect on Salesforce’s mobile customer support messaging solution. In his spare time, he is an avid collector of quotations.

  • Adriene McCance

    Adriene McCance

    Chief of Staff

    Adriene is ndvr’s Chief of Staff. She works with the ndvr team on operations and strategy. She holds an M.B.A from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management and a B.A. from Dartmouth College. Prior to joining ndvr, Adriene helped build and manage investment portfolios for high-net worth families and institutions at Hall Capital Partners and taught math as a member of Teach for America in the South Bronx. She enjoys obsessively reading, yoga, and running away from Boston sports conversations.

  • András Milassin

    András Milassin

    Senior UX Engineer

    András is an ndvr Software Engineer. He brings experience in both frontend and backend web service development and manages the ndvr Hungarian branch. Prior to joining ndvr, András worked at a Hungarian startup focused on revolutionizing the online invoicing world and served as the lead architect for a historical Java debugger. For fun, András enjoys creating a tracker for drift races and playing Battleship with his kids.

  • Anita Gerencsér

    Anita Gerencsér

    Office Manager

    Anita focuses on ndvr’s accounting, office processes, and hiring pipeline. Prior to joining ndvr, she worked in finance in Luxembourg for nearly a decade and has experiences in HR, bookkeeping and coordinating legal and audit process. She speaks English and German as well as conversational Luxembourgish and French. Anita enjoys adventuring and traveling with her daughters.

  • Arpád Nyilas

    Árpád Nyilas

    Security Architect

    Árpad is ndvr’s Security Architect. He ensures that the privacy and security standards of the company, product and customer are impenetrable. Prior to joining ndvr, he worked on security solutions using big-data tools. As an ethical hacker, he has detected multiple high-risk vulnerabilities at various international organizations. In his free time, he enjoys rollerskating, skating, go-cart driving, and hiking with his family and friends.

  • Balázs Kollár

    Balázs Kollár

    Senior Quant Engineer

    Balázs is an ndvr Senior Quant Engineer. He works with quantitative analysts to implement financial models and integrate them into ndvr’s portfolio optimization engine. Prior to joining ndvr, he led a team of engineers at Morgan Stanley responsible for market risk evaluation. And before entering the financial technology scene, he worked as an entrepreneur, developing browser games for the Flash Platform. In his spare time, Balázs enjoys wall climbing and, when weather allows, paddling a dragonboat.

  • Elyse Bogacz

    Elyse Bogacz

    VP of Product Design

    Elyse is ndvr’s VP of Product Design focused on creating user experiences that empower, inspire, and serve ndvr clients. Prior to joining, Elyse was an early employee at Drift where she worked for three years creating the platform from ground up and iterating endlessly to make every customer successful. When Elyse is not working on ndvr, she teaches product design at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, is an avid reader, and goes for walks with her two French bulldogs, DJ and Winnie.

  • Marcell Szabó

    Marcell Szabó

    VP of Engineering

    Marcell is ndvr’s VP of Engineering. He applies proven formulas of engineering culture that make quality, velocity, and growth possible. Prior to joining ndvr, he spearheaded engineering for one of Morgan Stanley’s risk engines, saw the world’s largest big-data clusters in action at Cloudera, and redesigned how Transferwise estimates and schedules their transfers. In parallel with ndvr, Marcell takes part in another thrilling adventure with the title of “Daddy,” enjoying all its wonders and challenges.

  • Michael Simon

    Michael Simon

    Founder, Chief Executive Officer

    Michael founded ndvr and serves as Chief Executive Officer. Previously, Michael co-founded LogMeIn where he served as Chairman and CEO for 12 years and took LogMeIn public in 2009 – the first of two VC-backed IPOs in Massachusetts and one of eight nationally during that year. He grew the company from a single-access product line to a leading provider of essential cloud services used by millions of people across the globe. He currently serves on the board of HubSpot, the Graduate Studies Advisory Council at the University of Notre Dame, and the Board of Trustees of The Carroll School.

    Prior to LogMeIn, Simon founded Uproar Inc., a publicly-traded provider of online game shows and interactive games, acquired by Vivendi Universal Games, Inc. in March 2001. With a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and an M.B.A. from Washington University St. Louis, Michael has a soft spot for athletic teams that sport an Irish motif.

  • Tamás Nagy

    Tamás Nagy

    Senior Quant Researcher

    Tamas is an ndvr Senior Quant Engineer. He holds a PhD degree in quantitative finance. Prior to joining ndvr, Tamas worked for MSCI as a senior quantitative researcher and spent significant time in the corporate finance and management reporting industry. Tamas is an advocate for the democratic and positive corporate culture, where work is full of learning and fun. He is a fan of various sports, absurd humor, and a balanced, healthy, and eco-friendly lifestyle.

  • Terene Dickson

    Terene Dickson

    Office Manager

    Terene is from New Zealand and is the ndvr Office Manager in Boston. Before relocating to the USA, Terene was employed in the financial services industry in a variety of roles, from Product Administrator to Registry Manager. In her spare time, Terene can be found chasing golf balls in a vain attempt to lower her handicap.

  • Tibor Oláh

    Tibor Oláh

    Senior Dev Ops Engineer

    Tibor is an ndvr Senior DevOps Engineer. He works on ndvr’s cloud infrastructure and internal tooling. Tibor studied robotics at Budapest University of Technology and Economics and then ventured to the world of automotive software industry. A few years later he moved on to work on large-scale cloud-based healthcare solutions. Outside of work, Tibor enjoys traveling and playing with his dog, Mango.